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Welcome to Markshire Crypto, your honest resource in the crypto world!

My Story

I’m a millennial born in the early 1990s and I count myself lucky in that I had an internet-free childhood. I have memories of rotary phones, running to my neighbours’ houses outside in the summer to knock on the door to get my friends to play street hockey.
Yes… the internet “existed” but it was certainly not widespread or practically useable until the early 2000s, during my early teenage years. I was old enough to remember the rise of the internet, but not old enough to appreciate its significance. Now, in my late 20s, I enjoy the wonders of the internet on a daily basis.

Back in ~2010 an old friend of mine had said to me “Mark, why don’t we buy some Bitcoin? We can put $100 in and have 200 bitcoins” (Yes bitcoin was about $0.50 USD back then). I went home and googled it… then I promptly said to my friend “DONT DO IT! Its gotta be some sort of scam. You can’t have a non-government currency, you’ll be put in jail!” Neither of us put a penny into it… man do I REGRET that now.

However, the dawn of Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies as we know them, evolved in my early adulthood. Since 2015 (my mid-20s) I started to noticed bitcoin and crypto in the news a little more… I occasionally came across it online, not paying much serious attention. Then in late 2016/early 2017, I started regularly paying attention to crypto. As the months progressed I became more enrapt with it. And now I was at an age where I could comprehend the significance of such a technological, political and social development, unlike how I was ignorant of the significance of the Internet.

I would not miss the next major shift in the world! I have spent over a year reading books and articles on the cryptospace and watched hundreds of hours of YouTube on crypto as well as hundreds of hours of Podcasts on the cryptospace. I am a self-taught crypto-expert.

Why Do I Want To Help People?

I remember starting out on my crypto journey and how confusing it was. It was information overload and I did not know where to start. I did not know who were credible sources and who was just spreading hype, FOMO, or “FUD” (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

It was a complicated mix of too many sources but not enough information. There is so much about crypto that people interested in the space need to know, but you either couldn’t find some info, and other info had so many resources you didn’t know which ones to trust – it was an imbalance. However, I presume that is the norm in a new developing industry. It takes time for information to be processed and developed into resources for the public. What is more, the industry is still nascent and will still need YEARS to fully develop! Think about how long it took to develop the internet!

I want to help people so that you can access trusted information from a single site and I will also point you to other trusted and credible resources that I also use. This way you can avoid the stress that I went through and you can jump right into the cryptospace/industry much more quickly than it took me.

The Goal Of Markshire Crypto

The purpose of Markshire Crypto is to be your guide in the crypto industry. To be a source of news and trusted reviews. To be a community that you can trust and rely on.

I’m a fan of Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway). Warren Buffett is the world’s most successful investor and above all else values and demonstrates integrity and honesty. I am inspired by his history and have named “Markshire” as a spin-off of Berkshire. That being said, I plan to have integrity and honesty at the forefront of all the information that you receive here. The crypto space has a bad reputation for scams and hacks – I want Markshire Crypto to be your honest crypto resource.

Furthermore, on this site, we will be discussing cryptocurrencies/cryptoassets as well as private/public companies involved in the crypto space and also politics and social movements. Nothing on this website is considered financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and financial advice is not the intent of this site.

All the best,

Markshire Crypto Team

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