General Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Predictions 2021

Markshire Cryptocurreny Predictions 2021. Read about Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, stable coins, XRP and more

General cryptocurrency predictions for the upcoming calendar year, 2021. In brief, point form you’ll see my Bitcoin predictions, Ethereum predictions, DeFi predictions and ‘other’ cryptocurrency predictions.

Bitcoin 2021 Predictions

  • Bitcoin ETF will launch in Canada, America and Europe
  • Bitcoin will peak in its bull run at ~$200,000 to $300,000 USD
  • Lightning network development will garner significant attention towards the fourth quarter ⚡ (owing to increased transaction costs/mining fees, as well as retail integration with payment providers)
  • Over 100 publicly traded companies’ balance sheets will contain bitcoin.

Ethereum 2021 Predictions

  • Staking will accumulate over $20 Billion in USD value
  • Ethereum will reach an unprecedented peak at ~$30,000 USD/ETH
  • ETH 2.0 will progress much faster than anticipated, not released during 2021, but likely 2022.
  • Large funds and corporations will start to see the value of Ethereum as programmable finance.
  • Traditional banks will transact over $1 Billion USD in stable coins over the Ethereum network.

DeFi 2021 Predictions

  • Three to four DeFi protocols will reach the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap
    • Maker
    • Aave
    • Uniswap
    • Synthetix
  • Dollar value locked in DeFi will surpass $1 Trillion USD (at its peak)
  • Dollar Value locked in stable coins will surpass $200 Billion USD
  • Insurance protocols will surpass $100 Billion USD in value

Other Cryptocurrency Predictions

  • Oracle protocols will reach over $200 Billion in cumulative value
    • Chainlink will continue to be the dominant oracle protocol
  • We will witness the rise of many alt coin chains with a main theme of “interoperability” between chains. We will only need one or two of these truly.
    • Likely Polkadot will be the highest valued interoperable chain
  • Cardano (ADA) will likely 10-15x its previous all time high (likely reaching $10-$15/ADA) at the alt coin peak
  • Bitcoin mimics like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) will fall off the top 10 by market cap and never recover.
  • XRP lawsuit will consume the majority, if not, the entire year.
    • 50-60% chance that Ripple loses the lawsuit
    • 20-30% chance Ripple settles
    • 10-30% chance Ripple wins the lawsuit
  • XRP will likely pump with hype, top likely $5-$10 USD, followed by a dump that also does not recover. Ripple the company will likely continue to be profitable.
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