Peter Schiff, Gold-bug, Owns Bitcoin

Peter Schiff Bitcoin

Peter Schiff, the vocal gold-bug and anti-Bitcoin/anti-cryptocurrency proponent reportedly owns Bitcoin.

When Anthony Pompliano tweeted about this fact today Peter Schiff not only did not deny it but admitted that he owns ~$100 worth of Bitcoin that was sent to him as a gift.

As Pomp (Anthony Pompliano) pointed out, “never listen to what they say, always watch what they do with their money!” You can see a screenshot of the tweet below.

You will note that Pomp asked for Peter’s BTC wallet address so that he could donate another $100 worth of Bitcoin. Peter’s Bitcoin wallet address is 1LZpj4zkgcGzGb9EuLLbwby1BPT3c1uRTy23655561

I accessed a Bitcoin block explorer and noticed that many other people have been giving him small Bitcoin donations to get Peter Schiff more into cryptocurrency. You can see that that wallet address holds 0.1892 BTC (~$2,175 USD), with the latest donation of 0.00045545 (~$4.99 USD) sent at ~23:02hrs 5 July 2019. Importantly, we have now associated a Bitcoin address with Peter Schiff and his transactions from this account can forever be tracked, thanks to the blockchain. You can see the transactions below.

Moreover, Peter Schiff owns a Gold company, Schiff Gold, where you can buy gold and services related to gold such as storage in vaults/safes, gold-related investments for registered investment accounts etc. On his website, it explicitly states that they accept Bitcoin payments through BitPay. Let that sink in for half a minute. Peter Schiff’s Gold company accepts Bitcoin as a payment option… Peter Schiff’s Gold company accepts Bitcoin as a payment option… need I say more?

Markshire Crypto Conclusion on Peter Schiff Owning Bitcoin

To be honest, I am not surprised by this news. I always harboured a small suspicion that big anti-Bitcoin, anti-cryptocurrency proponents who have social weight/influence may be putting on a show. The more I learn about Bitcoin the more logical it seems that everyone should be trying to get their hand on this modern hard money that provides individual sovereignty. So why are these highly intelligent and influential people bashing it? They either haven’t done their research, are in denial, or lying to keep to price/hype down so they can buy more at cheaper prices.

It is incredibly important to follow what someone does and not what they say. Talk is cheap. Action and investments are not. Peter Schiff, the gold-bug, owns Bitcoin, over $2,100 worth (0.1892 BTC), and his gold company accepts Bitcoin as a payment option. I wonder how much Bitcoin Nouriel Roubini holds…

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