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Hello readers, I have some very valuable information to share with you today. 

I have spent the last few years immersed in the cryptocurrency industry at every moment I could. When I first became interested in cryptocurrency I was a student, then I was working full time. I spend my days off and my commute reading websites, news, and books about crypto, watching YouTube Videos on Crypto, listening to podcasts on crypto and more!

I want to share with you all the great resources that I have used over the years. And I also hope that you will consider Markshire Crypto as a great resource as well 😉 

I will update this post as I continue to find excellent resources, so check back frequently! 

Crypto information mediums 

  • YouTube Channels 
  • Podcasts 
  • Websites 
  • Books 

Incredible Crypto YouTube Channels

Andreas Antonopoulos 

Andreas Antonopoulos Crypto Educator and public speaker

Andreas Antonopoulos is a computer scientist and cryptocurrency evangelist who has made a career out of educating the public and companies about crypto and bitcoin. He is so well known I doubt he needs any further introduction. 

He is highly educated, obviously passionate about crypto and extremely articulate. If I had to pick the single most influential person on my understanding of cryptocurrency it would undoubtably be Andreas Antonopoulos. 

Andreas is able to clearly break apart a question and answer it more fully than I would have thought possible. His insight goes beyond the average crypto entrepreneur and he is able to separate whimsical problems and highlight real areas that need improvement for adoption. He also is able to very clearly identify the areas where cryptocurrency will be most valuable. 

He has a YouTube channel, Twitter account, website, and books

The Modern Investor 

The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor… I don’t know his name, and I’m not sure if he ever says his name. Regardless, TMI makes at least one YouTube video daily on crypto current events. His videos range from 5min to an hour. He usually does longer videos on the weekends and shorter ones during the week. 

What I find valuable about his channel is his ability to read between the lines and have great foresight into the cryptocurrency industry and market. He is also non-partisan, which makes me trust his views and interpretation of news/events more since he is less biased. 

He takes the news and he finds trends and he points out the not-so-obvious that is not explicitly delivered in the news. With his investing/financial background he brings an understanding of these rich-inner-circle type businessmen to his videos. 

The Modern Investor provides me with daily news updates as well as industry insights that would be difficult to piece together by going through all the news on my own. Not to mention the fact that he genuinely sounds like a nice guy. 

Follow The Modern Investor on Twitter. 

Thinking Crypto 

Thinking Crypto is a Youtube Channel run by Tony. His channel is non-tribal and he stays abreast with the most impactful news and developments in the cryptocurrency space. He delivers the news in short 10-25min videos. I personally listen to his videos daily (or almost daily). 

Tony delivers a no-nonsense, realistic approach that is not tribal with any particular coin. He follows the facts and tries as best as any human to avoid bias in discussing different cryptocurrency projects. 

Moreover, Tony offers unique content in his interviews with figures in the cryptocurrency industry. He gives his viewers great insight into the private sector development of projects/companies and what is to be expected to be released in the near future. He also interviews government officials for updates and insights into the state of cryptocurrency regulations. 

I have no doubt that Tony will land interviews with the likes of IMF officials, Brad Garlinghouse, Vitalik Buterin, Andreas Antonopoulos, Big Fish at Bakkt and ErisX and more. 

I would love to watch him interview other crypto YouTubers and just hash out their opinions and thoughts on certain crypto topics and future expectations… perhaps Ivan on Tech, The Modern Investor, Louis Thomas, the Digital Asset Investor, etc. 

You can visit Tony’s website here: 

Follow Thinking Crypto on Twitter. 

Ivan On Tech 

Ivan has a spectacular and professional morning crypto news show. He broadcasts “Good Morning Crypto” live Monday to Friday at 08:00 CET (Central European Time). He brings energy and enthusiasm to the morning with his news updates and insightful tech talk. 

Ivan’s background is in tech-development (software developer) and he is a coder. His unique education and experience allow him to bring a different perspective compared to the standard crypto YouTuber. Whenever there are technical updates such as Lightning Network updates, Hard Forks you can count on Ivan to break down the details and explain it to non-programmers like myself. 

Ivan is truly a valuable member to the cryptocurrency industry as he not only has a great YouTube channel, but he has put so much hard work into developing a Crypto Academy where you can learn so much about coding and crypto. 

Please visit his website here,

And his Academy here

Follow Ivan on Tech on Twitter. 

Louis Thomas 

Louis is a British (Welsh) YouTuber who has been making videos for quite some time. His approach is more conversational in his YouTube videos and I really like his no hype, general conversationalist approach to crypto. 

Again, he is non-partisan/non-tribal, although his general approach seems to be a “crypto-conservative” primarily being bullish on the top big coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin. He discusses his portfolio and he does have a broader collection of cryptos, but his stance seems to have changed to be more “conservative” in the crypto space. Which I must admit I am also pretty crypto conservative. 

When I watch his videos I don’t feel like someone is yelling the newest crypto developments through the screen. Its like I am walking outside with a friend calming discussing crypto (oh did I mention he does a lot of his videos outdoors?). 

I recommend subscribing to his YouTube Channel and watching his videos. Louis is honest, straightforward, no-hype and very rational. 

Follow Louis Thomas On Twitter. 

Digital Asset Investor

The Digital Asset Investor is an XRP enthusiast. I usually do not like to listen to people who only focus on a single coin, to be honest. The reason I like and listen to the Digital Asset Investor is that despite his tribalism, he is not entirely an XRP maximalist. 

He is most bullish on XRP, but he also agrees that Bitcoin has some purpose as a store of value. 

Furthermore, he is a little older (probably late 30s, tops early 40s) and he continuously references his experience with the Internet boom and working in finance as an ex-financial advisor and brings his insights into the crypto space. Which I certainly find valuable. So many crypto enthusiasts like myself were too young to know what was happening during the Internet Bubble, and his experience and insight is so valuable in that regard. 

In general, the Digital Asset Investor makes good content, bringing great insight to the table with a realistic approach to expectations and the path forward for cryptocurrency.  

Follow The Digital Asset Investor on Twitter. 

Insightful Crypto Podcasts 

UnChained & UnConfirmed, by Laura Shin

Laura Shin runs the podcasts Unchained and Unconfirmed. She is an educated/trained journalist who interviews influential people in the crypto industry, particularly corporate executives of crypto startups as well as crypto engineers/researchers in the crypto space. 

What I like most about her two podcasts is that she asks the hard questions. She almost makes her guests uncomfortable with the awkward, difficult questions that she challenges them with. But with this approach, she breaks past b*llsh*t and really digs into the meat of a project and talk about their real chances of success. 

I’ve never been one for small talk, so I wholeheartedly appreciate her two podcasts where she gets a real understanding and asks the real tough questions that no one else wants to ask. 

It’s always a pleasure to listen to her podcasts as I know that I will always extract some valuable information.  

Follow Laura Shin on Twitter. 

Off The Chain

Off the Chain is primarily a Bitcoin podcast created and run by Anthony Pompliano (“Pomp”). Anthony is a co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital. The Podcast is not associated with Morgan Creek. 

Anthony Pompliano produces a valuable podcast because he has insight into the crypto space that the average person has no access to, thanks to his involvement with Morgan Creek Digital. While Pomp is pretty much a Bitcoin Maximalist, he is very level-headed, doesn’t get heated, and discusses real crypto development and investments, he doesn’t fall for the hype and doesn’t spread FUD or fake news. 

In addition to his podcast, Pomp also creates a daily letter analyzing crypto news for institutional investors. This newsletter is available for paying readers. 

Follow Anthony Pompliano on Twitter. 

What Bitcoin Did 

What Bitcoin Did is a podcast run by Peter McCormack. As you can tell by the title, it is a Bitcoin-specific podcast. While it is tribal in its Bitcoin allegiance, Peter still does a great job at exploring the crypto space in general. 

Each episode of What Bitcoin Did features a guest who Peter interviews. These range from crypto entrepreneurs to evangelists (like Andreas Antonopoulos) as well as other crypto podcasters (like Pomp). 

I only started listening to What Bitcoin Did in early 2019, so haven’t listened to much yet, but what I have listened to so far has been worth recommending. 

Follow Peter McCormack on Twitter. 

Crypto 101 

The Average Consumer Guide to cryptocurrency

Crypto 101 is a great podcast for crypto beginners and intermediates. I started listening to it a long while ago and I must credit it with much of my early education on how to create a crypto wallet, how exchanges work etc. 

The hosts: Matthew Aaron and Aaron Paul are very conversational and they focus on explaining crypto concepts together and/or with guests in a simple way so that the average consumer can understand and learn. 

Breaking down crypto concepts like they do is critical so that more people can safely use cryptocurrency and unshackle themselves from the legacy-fiat system. 

I highly recommend this podcast for people just getting into crypto.  

Follow Matthew Aaron and Aaron Paul on Twitter. 

Great Crypto Websites to Visit 

Khan Academy – Khan Academy is an overall excellent resource for free, high quality education. There is one section that I found that is dedicated to Bitcoin. This section is featured in the link above. 

Binance Academy – We all know Binance. One of the giant leaders in the cryptocurrency industry, trailblazing through the industry. Binance has a section of their website that is dedicated to learning and educating its users. 

CoinMarketCap – We all know CoinMarketCap… some love it, some hate it. But it still serves as a resource for coin listings, exchange listings as well as a blog and source of information. Until now, it has served as a central hub for spot cryptocurrency information. ICE and NASDAQ are deploying more sophisticated and trusted/verifiable methods, but until then, we have CoinMarketCap. – 

MyEtherWallet – 

Highly Informative Crypto Books to Read 

The Internet of Money: Volume 1 and Volume 2

The Internet of Money’s two volumes are a collection of speeches made by Andreas Antonopoulos (technically the author of these two books). All of the talks are available on YouTube and if you purchase the Kindle Edition of the books there is a link to each YouTube video. 

You may wonder why anyone would buy the books if it is all on YouTube? Well, I don’t know about you, but if you’re relatively new to crypto or even mildly seasoned, crypto can still be a difficult industry to truly understand well and navigate with confidence. 

These two volumes organize the talks in such a way that the information makes sense in a chronological fashion. I certainly know that I derived great value from these books and they are honestly not expensive for the value gained. 

The Age Of Cryptocurrency

The Age Of Cryptocurrency, by Paul Vigna and Michael Casey.

The authors are professional journalists by education and experience. They take a deep dive into the history of money, followed by a more recent history of digital money. I had no idea that multiple attempts at digital currencies had occurred prior to Bitcoin.  

I find that this book is an excellent starting point to begin learning about cryptocurrency. The authors do a phenomenal job at decrypting Bitcoin and examining how it works, why it works, its value and how it fits in with money as it has evolved over the millennia. 

I highly recommend “The Age Of Cryptocurrency” to anyone, new or experienced, in cryptocurrency as the authors present the concept of money in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner and then they do the same in explaining Bitcoin. 

The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin Standard, by Saifedean Ammous. 

The Bitcoin Standard, while a relatively short book, is jam-packed with information on sound money. To be completely honest, I never understood what a real valuable money supply was until I read The Bitcoin Standard. Saifedean does an excellent job at examining currencies and deciphering what makes money sound and how manipulations of money supply ultimately lead to destruction of the currency (i.e. USD, EUR, and all fiat). 

He explains Bitcoin eloquently and really helped me understand how robust it is as hard, sound money

Again, another highly recommended book for you. 

Digital Gold

Digital Gold, by Nathaniel Popper. 


Ethereum, by Henning Diedrich. 

The “Ethereum” book takes quite a technical view on explaining Ethereum. I learned a lot about how Ethereum works and what makes it so different from Bitcoin. 

This book really made me realize and understand that Bitcoin and Ethereum are NOT in competition with one another. Ethereum is first and foremost a smart contract platform and it has a high degree of flexibility. 

Ethereum is a stable, robust and secure blockchain that will allow for the digitization of the financial and legal world. 

One day our IDs, marriage contracts, lease contracts, mortgage contracts, vehicle ownerships, automobile, life, and health insurance, educational certificates, diplomas and degrees, work certifications etc will all be smart contracts written and held on the Ethereum blockchain. This book helped me grasp that concept in a more concrete way. 

I definitely recommend this book, although, while it is technical, it is not too technical, and it allows one to understand Ethereum better. After all, you should always understand your investments. 

Markshire Crypto Conclusion

I think I have provided a great list of resources for you to consider as you embark on your crypto enlightenment journey. 

From YouTube to Podcasts, to Websites and Books. Four mediums for your learning. Please feel free to comment below with resources that you found effective and useful in your crypto adventures and education. We can all benefit from your input. 

Please feel free to drop a comment, question, or note for me. I love hearing from my readers

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